Early Orthodontics Is Key for a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth

Despite the prevalent images of middle school students plagued with unflattering braces, struggling to fit in with their classmates, these days children are getting braces younger and younger.

It’s not longer unusual for children to go through the full cycle of braces before they even reach middle school. By age seven a child’s mouth has enough growth and sound structure for a trained kid’s orthodontist to understand how it will develop as permanent teeth start to emerge.

The right kid’s orthodontist in Philadelphia area will help you identify your child’s orthodontic needs and help you know when to start the correction process.

Why You Should Start Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment Early

Some orthodontic conditions are easier to correct if they’re detected early. Early orthodontic treatment helps prevent more severe problems later on and gives an orthodontist control over where the permanent teeth come in by addressing the structure of the jaw and teeth while baby teeth are still in the mouth.

Even if your child doesn’t need orthodontic treatment immediately, a consultation with a kid’s orthodontist in Philadelphia can inform you about what future treatment may be necessary.

Your Kid’s Orthodontist in Philadelphia May Identify These Three Conditions for Early Orthodontic Treatment

A thorough orthodontic evaluation will reveal just how your child’s teeth and mouth are growing, and provide information the orthodontist needs to determine if treatment is necessary.

Below are three possible orthodontic conditions that may be cause for early interceptive treatment:

  • Kid’s-Orthodontist-PhiladelphiaOpen Bite. When a person has an opening in the bite, the upper and lower front teeth do not come together when the mouth is closed. The result is a gap or opening between the rows of teeth when a person closes the jaw. Some children develop an opening in their bite when they have the habit of tongue thrusting. This happens when a child pushes the tongue through the teeth during swallowing or while speaking. It’s fairly common during early childhood, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association points out, and most children outgrow it. Kids who don’t outgrow the habit may develop problems with their bite and their speech. An open bite not only affects the appearance of a person’s smile. It can also cause difficulty with speaking, leading to a lisp or another type of speech impediment.
  • Deep bites. A deep bite is an “excessive vertical overlapping of the mandibular incisors by the maxillary incisors in centric occlusion.” Basically, that means it’s an exaggerated overbite. The upper teeth protrude further than the lower. Bad bites and crowded teeth make it difficult to brush and floss effectively, and the resulting poor oral health may have an impact on overall systemic health. Poor dental and gum health has been linked to conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes and respiratory infections.
  • Crossbites. A crossbite is often present in childhood and doesn’t correct itself as the patient ages. The misalignment can be between the front teeth or back teeth or both, and the effects on your health can be serious. In a normal bite, the upper teeth sit a little outside the lower teeth at the front and back and on both sides of the mouth. So when the two rows of teeth don’t meet correctly, it’s considered a malocclusion. Teeth grinding and abnormal growth are common results of a crossbite. If the condition isn’t corrected, the face can grow asymmetrically. As a result, a child or teenager may endure teasing at school and suffer from low self-esteem.

These are just three of many reasons that your child may benefit from early orthodontics. Your child deserves a healthy and straight smile, no matter how young they are. That’s why it’s important for you to schedule a consultation with a kid’s orthodontist in Philadelphia so your child’s orthodontic needs can be identified and treated as early as possible.

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