Five Surprising Facts about Best Kids Orthodontics in Yardley

Typically when parents come across the term “orthodontics,” they think “straighter teeth.” It’s not all that surprising considering that orthodontic treatment does indeed straighten teeth. What is surprising, however, are the other benefits that come from orthodontics. When seeking an orthodontist Newton PA parents trust, Yardley Orthodontics remains the choice for best kids orthodontics in Yardley (and surrounding areas!)

Five Surprises About the Best Kids Orthodontics Yardley Parents Choose

When parents seek orthodontic treatment for their child, they may originally do so with the intent of working toward straighter teeth. What they often end up realizing, however, is that there are even more benefits and surprises in store.

Take a look at five things that might surprise you about the what happens when you choose the best kids orthodontics Yardley has to offer; in addition to straightening the teeth, orthodontic treatment for adolescents also remedies:

  1. Harmful Habits

Pacifiers, thumb-sucking, and even consistently eating soft food can affect the movement and alignment of your child’s bite and jaw movement. Orthodontic treatment often remedies these issues before they can lead to more significant issues such as TMJ and related disorders.

  1. Space Needed for Permanent Teeth

Sometimes baby teeth either don’t come out when they’re supposed to, or when they do vacate there isn’t enough room for permanent teeth to emerge. When this occurs, Dr. James Riesenberger seeks the best orthodontic solution to accommodate enough space for permanent teeth. The goal is to ensure that the teeth align correctly, with enough room!

  1. Trauma Associated with Protruding Teeth

Not only can protruding teeth create aesthetic issues, but they can also cause problems with cramming, alignment, and functionality of the surrounding teeth and jaw. Dr. Riesenberger creates a specific orthodontic treatment plan to address both the aesthetic and functionality issues associated with protruding teeth.

  1. The Need for Future Extraction of Permanent Teeth

There’s a reason why the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) suggests that your child have a first orthodontic visit by age seven. Early intervention of potential problems means less pain, discomfort, and issues down the road. As your child grows, Dr. Riesenberger looks for any changes, problems, or orthodontic needs before they cause serious issues—this includes identifying if and when the wisdom teeth or other permanent teeth need to be removed.

  1. Abnormal Jaw Growth

According to scientific research, there are several different types of jaw deformities that can develop—either before or after birth. Jaw deformities will vary depending on the size, shape, symmetry, and other factors. Dr. Riesenberger and the entire Yardley Orthodontics team have received specialty training in identifying and addressing abnormal jaw growth. There are a number of approaches and treatment options available to correct jaw growth problems.

The Yardley Orthodontics Difference

At Yardley Orthodontics, our patients receive the most advanced approaches and treatment options in modern orthodontics. In addition to offering patients the options for traditional braces, Invisalign and Incognito, we ensure the comfort, safety, and trust of all our patients.

When parents choose a pediatric dentist or orthodontist, they want to be confident in the care and results associated with treatment. At Yardley Orthodontics we’re committed to making that happen! Book your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Riesenberger today by simply clicking here or call us any time at 215-968-5471.