Five Insights Into Adult Orthodontics That Yardley Patients Should Know

Adult orthodontic treatment is too expensive. I’m too old for braces. I don’t have time to visit the orthodontist every week. I don’t want to look like a goof. I don’t know where to go for orthodontic treatment. What do these all have in common? These are all excuses that real-life grownups profess when it comes to pursuing an orthodontic treatment they’ve either always wanted or have purposely neglected (or maybe a little of both). Find out why, when it comes to adult orthodontics that Yardley “big kids” need, there are no good excuses!

No More Excuses for Adult Orthodontics, Yardley Patients! It’s Your Time

If you won’t let your kids off the hook when it comes to pursuing orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth, prevent joint and muscle pain in the jaw or remedy other associated issues, why do you get a free pass? Let’s take a look at five reasons why adults may poo-poo orthodontic treatment, and why we may be able to convince you otherwise:

  1. Adult orthodontic treatment is too expensive
  2. No! At Yardley Orthodontics, we’ll help you calculate how much your insurance will cover for orthodontic treatment and help you devise a payment plan. This investment in your health and smile can be considered like any other monthly membership: gym, Netflix, etc. Adult Orthodontics Yardley
    1. I’m too old for braces
    2. Never! In fact, pursuing adult orthodontic treatment may just save you money by preventing issues that can develop later down the road. like TMJ, teeth grinding and other problematic orthodontic difficulties. 
      1. I don’t have time to visit the orthodontist every week
      2. Nor should you have to! Teeth straightening options like Invisalign, lingual/Incognito hidden braces require less orthodontic visits than traditional braces.
        1. I don’t want to look like a goof
        2. Did you know that Invisalign uses clear aligners and Incognito utilizes customizable brackets placed on the inside of the teeth? Unless you’re an orthodontist, these hidden braces are completely inconspicuous!
          1. I don’t know where to go for orthodontic treatment
          2. Now you do! Yardley Orthodontics is the preferred office for adult orthodontics that Yardley patients trust.


          Your Adult Orthodontic Home

          Dr. James Riesenberger routinely treats adults with Invisalign, Incognito and traditional braces. Scheduling a consultation will help you figure out which treatment option is best for you. During your exam, Dr. Riesenberger will be able to assess your individual needs, discuss various treatment options and address any questions (or excuses) you may want to present.

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