Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and Jason Bourne all have to operate with a certain amount of stealth and camouflage. When adults face the proposition of traditional metal braces, they don’t feel like they’ll appear stealthy or able to blend in. The prospect of adult Incognito braces, however, helps grown-ups feel, if not like a top-secret spy, at least less conspicuous.

You Don’t Really Need to be a Spy to be Eligible for Adult Incognito Braces

Hidden braces? Once upon a time the closest thing to “hidden braces” was the version made of ceramic brackets. And, while some adults find ceramic braces a perfectly good substitute for metal braces, when a solution such as adult Incognito braces comes along, the former option becomes antiquated and not as desirable.

Incognito is a safe and effective form of lingual braces placed on the inside of the teeth. In addition to being completely inconspicuous from the outside, Incognito is a 100-percent customizable orthodontic treatment. As an exclusive provider of Incognito, Dr. Riesenberger of Yardley Orthodontics specializes in placing the Incognito custom brackets and wires on the inside of the teeth.

In addition to being hidden from everyone, check out more benefits of adult Incognito braces:

  • Comfort

Because they are 100-percent custom made, these invisible braces are more comfortable than traditional braces.

  • Convenience

Unlike other orthodontic treatments that require the use of clear aligners, Incognito is fixed and in-place, so there’s no equipment you need to keep track of or keep clean.

  • Customizable

Okay, so maybe it’s already been mentioned a few times, but what hasn’t been covered yet is the fact that in addition to customization for comfort, adult Incognito braces also require fewer visits to the orthodontist for adjustments as a result of its customizable design.

How Incognito Braces Work

Before Dr. Riesenberger places Incognito on your teeth, you’ll have a full consultation to examine your teeth and jaw. Dr. Riesenberger will also explain the full process of adult Incognito braces, approximate duration of treatment, go over cost, and answer any questions you may have.

On your next visit, if it’s been decided that Incognito is a good fit, Dr. Riesenberger will take a digital scan of your teeth. Then, customized brackets and wires are made utilizing 3D printing technology to be placed on the inside of your teeth.

For adult professionals seeking a polished, refined smile, or adults who have simply always wanted to straighten their teeth, Incognito hidden braces are a perfect solution.

If you’re ready to learn more about adult Incognito braces or would like to schedule your first visit with Yardley Orthodontics, get started by clicking here, or call us anytime, 215-968-5471.