First Visit Tips to the Orthodontist Croydon Patients Want to Know

Many people wonder what happens during a first visit to the orthodontist. Do you walk out of your initial appointment with a fresh new set of braces or Invisalign aligners? Our experts are here to help explain all you need to know when it comes to a first visit. If you happen to be seeking an orthodontist Croydon patients trust, we have your “in” for that too! Read on!

Your First Visit to an Orthodontist Croydon Residents Rave About

To answer the earlier question about walking out of your first orthodontic appointment with braces or Invisalign aligners, the answer is: not quite yet! It’s important during a first orthodontic visit for your orthodontist to get to know you or get to know your child (if it’s a first adolescent orthodontic visit.) During an initial orthodontic visit, your orthodontist will:

  • Orthodontist-CroydonGo over current and past medical and dental history
  • Provide a thorough orthodontic exam (assessing the teeth, jaw, alignment, and bite)
  • Discuss your goals for straighter teeth, elimination of pain, or any other orthodontic-related issues
  • Present various treatment options if applicable

In some scenarios, for adolescents whose teeth and jaw are still developing, an orthodontist may suggest an observation period (typically three to six months) in which a patient will be monitored. This will provide the orthodontist time to evaluate if/when treatment should be implemented.

Yardley Orthodontics—The Orthodontist Croydon Patients Choose

From Yardley to Croydon, patients from all over the greater Philadelphia area seek the expertise of Dr. James Riesenberger for their orthodontic needs. Dr. Riesenberger has extensive education and experience in providing orthodontic patients with a number of treatments, including:

  • Traditional Braces
  • Invisalign (for adults and teens)
  • Incognito (lingual braces placed on the inside of the teeth)

Not only do these orthodontic treatments address the way teeth look, they also can help prevent joint pain associated with TMJ or muscular pain that can accompany myofascial pain.

Moving Forward

If Dr. Riesenberger recommends moving forward with treatment, the next orthodontic visit will consist of X-rays, photos, and impressions for models for whichever orthodontic treatment is decided upon. During this subsequent visit, you’ll be informed of how much treatment will cost, how much time it will take, and a general roadmap of what’s ahead.

Dr. Riesenberger of Yardley Orthodontics is the top pick for orthodontist patients consult because of his professional, thorough, skilled assessments and treatments. Take a look:

Great staff and doctor—[he] takes the time to explain everything—reminder calls and follow up calls to see how the patient is feeling. So happy with the practice! – Kristen M.

Dr. Riesenberger is a fantastic doctor. He exceeded my expectations and made my daughter feel completely comfortable! – Brenda C.

Awesome, friendly, and clean office with professional staff and flexible scheduling!!! – Jill N.

If you live in the Croydon area, or closeby and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Riesenberger, click here to get started, or call us anytime to set-up an appointment, 215-968-5471.