Orthodontic Emergencies In Yardley

Emergencies are scary. Especially if you’re not sure if you’re in the middle of one or not.

Even if it’s just an emergency with braces, you need to know where to turn. If it’s orthodontic emergencies in Yardley, we have just the place for you to go. Yardley Orthodontics is here to help you whether you need braces or are having an emergency with braces. If you’re in a car accident, you call the proper authorities. If you’re having a braces emergency, call us! It never hurts to have a friend on your side to talk you through it.

The Good News About Orthodontic Emergencies in Yardley

You may be relieved to know that orthodontic emergencies in Yardley are not that common. You could possibly even be able to temporarily resolve some issues, such as broken brackets, by yourself until you can get to our office for some help. If you are able to identify what’s causing the problem, you can help ease the pain. It’s important to call us as soon as possible and schedule the next available appointment. It’s also particularly important to note that if you allow your braces to remain damaged, it could prove to make your treatment process longer.

Since Dr. Riesenberger is local, you can be seen in a timely manner if an emergency should occur. There are lots of situations in which you may not need to worry or call us, but when you do need to call, we’re here to help you – immediately. We know it’s confusing when it comes to trying to figure things out with an orthodontic emergency. We want you to err on the side of caution and call us if you need help. If you’re uncertain or are concerned, don’t hesitate to call us at 215-968-5471 with any questions you may have.