What to Expect

Your First Visit

The first visit is what we call our NEW PATIENT CONSULTATION. When you bring your child in for an initial orthodontic consultation, Dr.James Riesenberger will examine your child’s teeth and jaws. This appointment takes approximately 45 minutes, at which time we will accomplish the following:
  • Obtain a medical and dental history of the patient
  • Complete a comprehensive orthodontic examination, to determine the extent to which orthodontic treatment is needed
Sometimes, a patient is not ready for treatment to begin. We can put this patient on Observation Therapy and assess the patient’s growth and development on a 3-6 month schedule.

Your Next Visit

At this time we will take FULL DIAGNOSTIC RECORDS. This next visit will take approximately 45 minutes, during which time we will complete the following:
  • Take x-rays, photos, and impressions for models
  • Obtain a final diagnosis with the required treatment and length of treatment
  • Complete a review of treatment costs (we will work out a financial arrangement which is agreeable to you and under the guidelines we have set for our practice)

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