It’s not unusual to feel nervous about perceived orthodontic problems. You might feel insecure about the appearance of your teeth and uncertain because you don’t know what to expect in treatment. But when you come to Yardley Orthodontics, you can rest assured because you’re in excellent hands. Dr. James Riesenberger and his entire team are skilled and experienced when treating a wide range of orthodontic conditions.

Three Common Orthodontic Problems (and Solutions!)

Many of the most common orthodontic problems have simple solutions. The added value in treatments such as Invisalign, Incognito braces, and traditional braces is that they often solve more problems than just crooked teeth.

Take a look at three common orthodontic problems in adults and children that Dr. Riesenberger routinely remedies:

  1. Malocclusion

The term, “malocclusion,” refers to a scenario in which the teeth don’t properly align when an individual naturally closes the mouth (in a biting stance). Malocclusion can be caused and/or indicated by:

  • Large gaps appear between the teeth
  • Wear and tear of the teeth are visibly identifiable
  • Crooked teeth interfere with bite
  • Natural speech and chewing are affected
  • Alignment of the top and bottom teeth is off
  1. TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Problems)

While TMJ also refers to a condition resulting from misalignment of the teeth and jaw, it can cause mild to severe pain in the joints and muscles surrounding the jaw area.

  1. Aesthetic Appearance

Orthodontic treatment straightens crooked teeth and closes the gaps, giving you a beautiful, attractive smile.

Now, what about the solutions promised related to these orthodontic problems? It’s simple! Traditional braces, Incognito invisible braces, and Invisalign are used to address these conditions. To determine which orthodontic solution is best, Dr. Riesenberger conducts a thorough examination during your first visit. Based on a physical examination and X-rays, Dr. Riesenberger can put together an orthodontic treatment plan to specifically address your individual needs.

More Reasons to Cast Your Fears Aside

When it comes to easing your fears about orthodontic problems, you can rest assured that Yardley Orthodontics has you covered. In addition to safe, effective, and advanced approaches in orthodontic treatment, Dr. Riesenberger is a leader within the orthodontic industry. He is the top-100 Invisalign provider, an exclusive Incognito provider, and his practice received The Quest for the Best position as Best Orthodontist, 2017.

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