You may have heard the advice of orthodontic professionals, that children should see a kids orthodontist by the time they turn seven. It’s natural for some parents and caregivers to question whether, at such a young age, orthodontic intervention is truly warranted. The short answer is yes. At Yardley Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on doing more than offering a blanket suggestion. We want our patients and families to understand why it’s vital for your child to be seen by a professional orthodontist, like James Riesenberger—sooner than later.

Seven Reasons to Visit a Kids Orthodontist Earlier Rather Than Later

Is it ever too late to seek orthodontic treatment? Usually, the answer is no. Like with many health issues, however, early intervention is the key to warding off future potential problems. When children visit Yardley Orthodontics beginning at the recommended age of seven, it allows Dr. Riesenberger to keep a close eye on the development of your child’s emerging permanent teeth and jaw growth. Essentially, a continuous orthodontic observation often prevents any serious problematic issues from ever manifesting.

Take a look at seven issues that orthodontic treatment prevents when addressed early:

  1. Underbites

This is a condition in which the lower front teeth protrude in front of the upper front teeth.

  1. Crossbites

Crossbites are a byproduct of the jaw shifting to one particular side.

  1. Teeth Crowding

The teeth have a tendency to become crowded when baby teeth have either vacated too early (or alternately too late,) or there simply isn’t enough room in the jaw to accommodate the larger size of permanent teeth.

  1. Excessively Spaced Teeth

Although poor dental hygiene can lead to extra space in-between teeth, sometimes the teeth naturally develop with extra spaces.

  1. Missing or Impacted Teeth

Although rare, certain congenital defects are linked with missing permanent teeth. In other situations, a tooth may be impacted due to crowding of baby teeth. In this case, the impacted tooth does not emerge properly or at all.

  1. Awkward Tooth Placement

Sometimes the teeth simply don’t align properly.

  1. Improper Jaw Development

Either from congenital issues, injury and trauma, or habits such as sucking a thumb or pacifier can affect the proper development of the jaw.

Where Exactly Can I Find a Kids Orthodontist Near Me?

We thought you’d never ask! When parents search for a “pediatric orthodontist near me,” they’re pleased to discover Yardley Orthodontics. Yardley Orthodontics is conveniently located at the cross streets of Floral Vale Blvd. and Township Line Rd. We serve families from all over the greater Philadelphia area. Our parents love the flexible hours we offer which include evenings and Saturdays.

If you’d like to learn more about why Yardley Orthodontics is the choice of kids orthodontist when it comes to Invisalign, Incognito and traditional braces for kids, contact us now by clicking here. Or call us now at 215-968-5471 to schedule a kids orthodontist appointment.