The Best Orthodontics Philadelphia, PA Has to Offer

Have you been on an  all-out search for the best in orthodontics, Philadelphia, PA residents?

Do you have some orthodontic issues that are bothering you or your child? Don’t worry, your search is over! Dr. James Riesenberger of Yardley Ortho is the right choice for orthodontics in Philly!

From crooked teeth to a misaligned jaw, an orthodontist can help determine the best treatment. Specializing in adult and adolescent orthodontics in Philadelphia, Dr. Riesenberger couples his expertise with compassion to bring you the ultimate in quality patient care. At Yardley Ortho, we strive to make you feel comfortable. When you’re with us, you are family!

Orthodontic Treatments Philadelphia, PA Residents Trust

Colgate defines orthodontics as the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. At our core, we believe that orthodontics is a wonderful life-long investment. Not only can it improve your personal appearance and boost self-confidence, but it can promote better overall oral health. That’s why we offer the most highly effective orthodontic treatments in Philadelphia. It’s important to note that an orthodontic problem left unresolved will undoubtedly get worse. As far as orthodontics in Philadelphia, PA  goes, you can rest assured that we can help with:

  • Aesthetics
  • Reducing tooth decay, gum disease, and bone loss
  • Preventing joint pain (TMJ problems) or muscular pain (myofascial pain)
  • Stopping harmful oral habits
  • Redirecting abnormal jaw growth
  • Creating room for erupting permanent teeth
  • Reducing the likelihood of trauma to protruding teeth
  • Avoiding the future need for permanent tooth extraction

Some of the more common treatment options are:

You have choices. We understand that you might have questions about what the best treatment option is for you or your child. We’d love to answer those questions and educate you about your options in orthodontics, Philadelphia, PA. Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable with choosing Dr. Riesenberger of Yardley Ortho as your top pick for orthodontist in PA. Give us a call at 215-968-5471 so we can start you on your journey toward a better smile!