5 Musts to Know When Seeking Sports Mouth Guards Near Newtown PA

Parents or caregivers of kids and teens involved in contact sports are most likely aware of the importance of mouthguards. What they, and most likely most of the general population may not realize, however, is the vital importance of mouthguards for virtually any sport. If you have a child in need of sports mouth guards near Newtown PA, discover how using a mouth guard may save more than smile … and a costly orthodontic bill.

Considerations for Sports Mouth Guards Near Newton PA and Surrounding Areas

Did you know, that according to Share the Care, a dental health and human service agency, “pre-teens and teens have the highest number of sports-related dental injuries,” with the top three sports offenders listed as basketball, biking and hockey? It may not be all that surprising considering that research demonstrates 20 to 25 million adolescents participate in competitive sports in the U.S.

With around 200,000 injuries per year prevented as a result of wearing mouth guards, those seeking sports mouth guards near Newtown PA and surrounding areas will probably have more of an incentive to solidify these mouth-saving apparatuses; especially upon learning that more than basketball, biking, and hockey players are recommended to use them.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), mouth guards should be worn by all participants of sports ranging from gymnastics, boxing, racquetball, rugby, shot-putting, football, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, and lacrosse, to include perhaps less obvious sporting activities such as equestrian events, surfing, and handball.

Byproducts of NOT Wearing a Mouth Guard: You Cover your Mouth (not your eyes!)

Parents and caregivers understand that injuries come with the territory in virtually every contact and competitive sport. Naturally, you would want to do all in your power to ensure that your teen is equipped with the necessary safety and precautionary gear. Mouth guards may not always be the first item on the list, however, they should be, especially when your child has braces.

Unfortunately, there is a lengthy list of sports-related dental injury possibilities, including:

  • A fractured, chipped, or broken tooth
  • The complete removal of a tooth or teeth from blunt force/knockout
  • Extruded tooth (where a tooth looks longer than other teeth)
  • Lateral Displacement (a tooth is either pushed backward or pulled forward)
  • Injuries to the lips, gums, and cheeks

The injuries listed above can be painful, costly, require significant downtime and obviously impact aesthetics. There is no greater return on investment for a seemingly simple piece of protective gear as the mouth guard!

At Riesenberger Ortho, we are proponents of preventative dental care, and preventing sports injuries is no exception. If your child or teen is in need of a sports mouth guard, we are here to help. Call us today to set up an appointment, 215-968-5471.

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