Tips for Orthodontist For Special Needs Near Newtown PA

If you have a family member who requires special orthodontic care, finding the right orthodontist can feel intimidating, worrisome and even frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve been looking for an Orthodontist for special needs near Newtown PA for a loved one, there is a solution that will put your mind at ease, offer comfort and most importantly, optimum orthodontic care.

Where Can I Go For an Orthodontist For Special Needs Near Newtown PA?

At Riesenberger Ortho, we treat adolescents and adults with special needs. Dr. James Riesenberger in nearby Yardley, PA has years of experience in treating a variety of patients with a diverse array of orthodontic needs.

At Yardley Ortho , we believe in addressing everyone who walks through our door with the highest level of compassion, care and consideration—and this is especially true for our patients who may require extra care. You want to know that the person you care for will receive the best services and attention possible.

What Can I Expect In an Orthodontic Appointment Tailored For Special Needs

One thing we emphasize at Riesenberger Ortho is the importance of preventative care in orthodontic treatment. This is particularly vital for our patients with special needs, who may need help to maintain dental and orthodontic health.

Our orthodontic approach is more than simply addressing aesthetics. We evaluate each patient’s medical and dental history to ensure we have all the information needed to help devise the best orthodontic treatment and planning possible.

When caring for a person with special needs, here are a few areas of consideration to help make for a productive and positive visit:

  • When making an appointment, it can be helpful to let the staff know ahead of time of any special areas of care that might be needed during your family member’s visit so if additional staff members are required, you can rest easy knowing your appointment will go smoothly without last minute changes
  • The more information you can offer before or during a visit, the better prepared the staff will be to accommodate the needs of your loved one
  • Prepare a list of questions, concerns and suggestions to help you and your orthodontist to communicate and collaborate as effectively as possible

Depending on each individual patient, special orthodontic care can include temporary anchorage devices and clear aligners (such as Invisalign), dental implants and more.

If you’d like more information about solidifying an orthodontist for special needs near Newtown PA, please call us today, 215-968-5471. We would love to discuss how we can help you with your special orthodontic care needs.

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